We invest in startup projects

We help companies grow in international business. We provide consulting and advisory services.


The company Ylia sro helps

  • Investment activities, especially in startup projects
  • International business development
  • Mediation activities
  • M&A
  • Consulting and advisory services

Equity investments

Ylia sro invests in start-ups

  • Grant Detection s.r.o.
  • Personal Prosperity s.r.o.
  • BardPharma SE
  • AdvancedFoodCompany s.r.o.

International business development

The company Ylia sro helps small and medium-sized Czech innovative companies with the development of their business abroad and specializes mainly in territories such as China, India, South America, Africa.

Coaching and mentoring

The company’s executive is a certified coach and mentor and performs this activity for the start-up of the company within the Czechinvest (Czechstarter, ESABIC) and Prague voucher programs.
Ylia sro has successfully provided coaching and mentoring for the following start-up companies:

  • Roger a.s.
  • Nano33 s.r.o.
  • Galavito s.r.o.
  • Faceholiday
  • My Fathers hair

We have long-term experience from important managerial positions but also from our own successful business.


30 years of experience

 founded Ylia sro for the purpose of my own business with many years of experience in TOP management of such companies as Restituční investiční fond ČR as (for 6 years I managed the largest investment fund in the Czech Republic with assets of 570M EUR) in the role of Chairman of the Board), co-founded and then worked in the TOP management of IPB as, I managed the Charouz group, I was a member of the TOP management of the Czech Post, etc.


Individual approach

can offer my rich experience as a coach for an interesting and promising start up company

Together for the future

Together we will achieve more 🙂

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International business development


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